Countdown Begins to 2014 International Yo-Yo Championship

Duncan85yrslogoThe 2014 International Yo-Yo Championship, hosted by Duncan Toys, will take place on August 1 and 2 at the House of Blues, located at Downtown Disney West Side at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Yo-yo players of all ages from all parts of the globe will compete for the title of International Yo-Yo Champion. There will be five yo-yo competition divisions at the event, including yo-yos attached to a counterweight instead of the player’s finger for aerial style tricks; yo-yos not attached to the string, but are tossed as high as forty feet in the air; dual yo-yos; and more.

Travel packages will be available that include Walt Disney World Resort hotel accommodations and theme park admission.

Duncan Toys Teams with Disney for International Yo-Yo Competition

Duncan85yrslogoDuncan Toys Company, which celebrates its 85th anniversary this year, recently established a strategic alliance with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Duncan retail outlets at Downtown Disney on the east and west coast feature experienced demonstrators interacting with Disney guests while performing their expert skill toy play. [Read more...]

Yomega and YoYoJam Team Up for Joint Product Line

YoYoJam_OdysseyYomega Corp. and YoYoJam Inc. have teamed up to develop and market a line of high-performance plastic yo-yos. The initial YoYoJam from Yomega collection will include three yo-yo models designed for yo-yoers interested in learning basic skills and tricks, as well as those moving towards advanced and competitive play.

Among the models to be offered is an updated version of YoYoJam’s Journey, which features an adjustable gap system so players can perform various string tricks, while the all-new Firestorm is a high performance plastic yo-yo with a bold look and solid feel. The most advanced yo-yo in the YoYoJam from Yomega line is the Odyssey, an update of the classic YoYoJam “Surge.”

The line will be produced in the U.S. by YoYoJam and distributed by Yomega, which will also be responsible for the packaging and marketing. Yomega will work closely with Team YoYoJam to promote them online and at retail locations. YoYoJam from Yomega is expected to be available at traditional and online toy and hobby retailers this summer.

Janos Karancz and Hank Freeman of Duncan Crew Worldwide Win World Yo-Yo Championship

With one single yo-yo, Janos Karancz from Mantua, Ohio beat over 170 competitors in his division to be crowned a World Yo-Yo Champion at the 2013 World Yo-Yo Contest in Orlando, Fla. Karancz competed in the 1A division, the most popular style of competitive yo-yo play in which a single yo-yo is used to perform a series of “string tricks.”

Hank Freeman from Budapest, Hungary was also crowned a World Yo-Yo Champion at the event. He celebrated his third Yo-Yo World Championship after placing first in the 3A division, where he performed with two yo-yos at the same time, which is considered to be the most difficult style in the competition.

Hank and Janos, both of whom competed for Duncan Crew Worldwide, each won using a yo-yo designed by National Yo-Yo Master and former World Yo-Yo Champion Rafael Matsunaga called the Duncan Barracuda Yo-Yo, a precision machined yo-yo made from aircraft grade aluminum.

The Yo-Yo and Frisbee Collide in New ToyQuest Product

ToyQuest is releasing a unique yo-yo and Frisbee hybrid: the Banzai Yo-Be. The toy is a flying disk that players can sling like a Frisbee, which comes back to the player like a yo-yo. The sling disk, which features a tethered elastic cord, can be used for a combination of play and physical activity. The Yo-Be will be available nationwide in spring 2010, retailing for around $12.99.