Aurora World to Open Permanent Showroom at AmericasMart Atlanta

Aurora.logoAurora World is opening a permanent showroom at AmericasMart Atlanta, a facility that Aurora has operated since 1993. The new showroom will make its debut at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market from July 7 to 14. [Read more...]

COMMENTARY: These Valentine’s Day Toys and Activities Have Lots of Heart!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and many people will give roses, chocolates, and jewelry to the objects of their affections. But lest we forget, toys and games also make fine presents. Looking around the toy industry, it’s clear that a number of companies were aware of potential opportunities, and responded with cool Valentine’s Day-themed products. But I also found some items that, even if they weren’t packaged specifically for the hearts-and-flowers holiday, are still perfect for the occasion. Here’s a brief rundown, though as usual, this is by no means an exhaustive list:

Phil.Feb7Plush dolls, from Aurora World Inc.: These dolls come in all shapes and sizes, and several of them sport that most familiar of Valentine’s Day icons: the heart. For example, Pink Promise, a soft, two-toned elephant, has heart prints all around the insides of its huge ears. There’s also Sad Sam & Honey, a pair of adorably sad-looking basset hounds, each bearing a heart with an “I Love You” message. Aurora World also has YooHoo & Friends, a trio of pastel-colored chimpanzees that not only present Valentine’s Day messages such as “Be Mine!” and “XOXO!,” but squeak when squeezed.

While the dolls I just mentioned are tailor-made for February 14, even if you take away the pink dye and hearts, these are still terrific plush animals. Both Sad Sam & Honey and YooHoo & Friends have big eyes and emotive facial expressions, which make them easy to empathize with and feel affection toward. Pink Promise, on the other hand, benefits from sheer generousness of proportions: It comes in four sizes, one as large as 22 inches from trunk to end. As such, this elephant is a potential pillar of emotional strength, and isn’t that what we all want for Valentine’s Day? Aurora World plush is suitable for all ages. [Read more...]

Aurora World Expands YooHoo & Friends Line with More Plush Toys

Aurora World, Inc. has announced several additions to its Yoohoo & Friends plush animal line. The additions include Holiday/Wintertime, Aspirations, and Halloween plush animals to compliment its more than 100 existing styles.

YooHoo & Friends Aspirations are available as five- or eight-inch plush toys in four styles, including a cheerleader, a ballerina, a soccer player, and a girl dressed for a party.

The Halloween line features the five-inch Wannabe toys dressed as a black cat, a pumpkin, or in orange or dark purple color themes.

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YooHoo & Friends Expands into Tween Market

Aurora World, Inc. is expanding its YooHoo & Friends brand into the tween category. New YooHoo & Friends products will include plush, stationery, fashion accessories, decorations, and “snaps.”

Aurora’s “snaps” are approximately one inch in diameter, and can be mixed and matched and fastened to items such as lanyards, totes, accessories, and more.

The six new YooHoo & Friends plush animals include Shooga the Sugar Glider, Lemmee the Lemur, Hapee the Lesser Panda, YooHoo the Bush Baby, Chewoo the Red Squirrel, and Pammee the Fennec Fox. The plush are available in five or eight inches and make a sound when squeezed. Each sports a headband or flower and is embroidered with hearts, peace signs, or words such as “love” and “peace.”

The company is also releasing the YooHoo & Friends Fun Center collection, which includes stationery such as a spiral notebook and doodle pad, decorative accessories such as sticker rolls, and fashion accessories such as an accessory case, laser cut bracelet, and lanyard.

Aurora World Inc. Introduces Milly the Pinkest Kitten

Toy and gift manufacturer Aurora World Inc. is introducing Milly the Pinkest Kitten—-a line of feline, freestanding plush dolls in 10 variations, from dress-up to portable toy pet carriers. The new line is geared toward young girls partial to pink and plush.

The Milly WannaBes are eight-inch plush dolls aimed towards girls ages 3 to 7. The dolls can be dressed as a princess, ballerina, or fairy.

Milly’s Cupcake Carriers are the latest in Aurora’s line of plush toy pet carriers. The scented carriers include an eight-inch plush animal, Mini-Flopsie, and come in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry scents. The scents last approximately six months.

The Milly Birthday Girl, a freestanding, bean-filled toy, comes holding either a cupcake or a birthday balloon and is available in two sizes, 10 and 13 inches.

Aurora World Inc. is the Korean-based company responsible for the YooHoo & Friends. Its products are sold through a wide variety of retailers, including major zoos, toy stores, and gift chains.

Aurora Launches YooHoo & Friends Website

Aurora World, Inc. has launched an interactive website for its brand, YooHoo & Friends, The site, targeted to kids ages 5-12, is free and requires no activation code.

In the virtual world, kids can learn about real animals and their environment, play more than 15 games and view animation in the “Playground,” adopt, raise, and customize a room in “My Room,” and send e-cards, download wallpaper, and more in the “Fun Zone.”

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