YuhuHugs Launches DreamHut Indoor Playhouse

Jan5.DreamHutYuhuHugs has introduced DreamHut, a new indoor, interactive play space that grows as a child grows. DreamHut features a compact design that opens up to reveal a play area, which can also convert into an armoire when playtime is done. It contains a playroom with a chalkboard, magnetic walls, a folding table, windows, curtains, and an interchangeable backdrop with four options: underwater adventure, fantasy, countryside, and outer space. When closed, the Dream Hut is about four and a half feet high and two feet wide; when opened, it expands to nearly six feet in depth. When kids are done playing, the Dream Hut can be transformed into a cabinet or desktop that can serve as a storage place for toys. [Read more…]

YuhuHugs Dares Kids to Dream Big with the DreamHut

DreamHutA toy company founded by architects, designers, and educators, YuhuHugs has released the DreamHut, an interactive indoor playhouse. Designed to awaken a child’s creativity and evolve with them, the DreamHut comes with four interchangeable backdrops, and its landscapes embody four dreams: space, submarine, farm, and castle.

“In the multi-billion toy world, there is nothing like the DreamHut,” says Maria Amparo Yuste, a spokeswoman for YuhuHugs. “When those DreamHut doors open, it unleashes a world of possibilities and storylines where children are more than participants, they are creators.” [Read more…]