Tocati, the 10th International Festival of Street Games, organized by the Associzione Giochi Antichi in collaboration with the Cultural Department of Verona Muncipality, is set to take place this September in Verona’s Historical Center.

The traditional games include activities such as the Salto del Pastor (Spain), Kispetia (Greece), Kegeln (Switzerland) Ba ‘game (Scotland-UK), Skakanje na Mješinu (Croatia), and Pandolo (Slovenia). Traditional Italian games include Alli Pitrudde (Puglia), Barandello (Emilia Romagna), Corsa con le botti (Campania), Corsa con la Cannata (Lazio), Fionde (Friuli), Punta e cul (Marche), Tir de Cidulis(Friuli), Totara (Toscana), Trucco da Terra  (Liguria), Tsan (Valle d’Aosta), and Saoutoula (Piemonte). The games will be practiced every day for eight hours; those who want to participate are welcome to join.

This year, each country will be assigned an area of the city center in which they can host cultural events and showcase the traditions of their regions, with the collaboration of embassies, tourist offices, and cultural institutes. A large area will be devoted to the associations and institutions that deal with gaming (playrooms, Playbus, leaders, experts in museum education, etc.), and in this area children will find a special welcome and workshops tailored to them.

In the Auditorium of the Forum of Culture Ludica (Cortile Mercato Vecchio), game enthusiasts will find speakers who are not only players from all over Europe, but who are also academic experts in the history of traditional sports.

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