New York-based design company The MU has released their newest product, Postcards from the Insect World A-Z. Postcards from the Insect World A-Z is at once a set of letter cards, a set of cards full of interesting scientific facts, and a story written between friends who are traveling explorers, scientists, and inventors. You can read the cards in alphabetical order to learn about interesting insects and words both familiar and strange. Or, you can arrange the cards in chronological order to read what the friends have written to each other about their discoveries and nature-inspired ideas. Arranging the cards by date also reveals broad scientific concepts about creatures in nature: anatomy, life cycle, abilities, behaviors, and survival strategies. 26 cards included.

Husband and wife co-founders Thomas McMahon and Janny Baek work with local manufacturers to make their Magnetic Comic Strip Kits, Story Board Prints, and now Postcards, using recycled and/or biodegradable materials whenever possible. All materials are sourced in the U.S. Products from The MU are being sold through high-end toy, gift, museum, and design retail channels.

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