The Toy Book had an awesome opportunity to preview Microsoft’s new Project Natal (a codename) for the Xbox 360, and it’s pretty cool. With Project Natal there’s no need for a controller, which for many people can be daunting with all types of buttons, joysticks, and other contraptions. Instead, YOU are the controller. If you want to kick the ball on the screen, just kick out your leg and kick it! If you want to turn the virtual car to the left, stretch out your arm and turn! Natal is similar to the Wii, but there is no controller, only your body.

Without getting too technical, Natal is a little white box that works with an Xbox console, but is not a completely different console. It scans your body, registers it on the screen, and you are ready to play. I had the chance to play a dodgeball-meets-kickball sort of game, and it was very active (thank goodness I had my morning coffee!). With virtual balls flying at me on the screen, my goal was to hit as many as I can and break the bricks on the screen. As you can imagine, my limbs were flailing everywhere.

Project Natal is slated to be in stores for Holiday 2010. For more info, click here.