EricCarleEaselThis spring, Kids Preferred will debut two new collections of toys from The World of Eric Carle. The Little Artist Collection features artistic toys and accessories that offer young artists the chance to paint the world as they see it, while the Little Musician Collection helps budding little musicians create notes, rhythms, and tunes all their own.

The World of Eric Carle line has The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Carle’s best-selling children’s book, as its centerpiece. Both the Little Artist and Little Musician Collections will debut at the American International Toy Fair in February.

The Little Artist Collection includes a wooden easel with a paper roll, paint cups, and magnets, including a chalkboard and a dry erase board; an art smock /apron with vinyl pockets; and a splat mat/floor cover with a colorful design that absorbs paints and spills.

EricCarleTambourineThe Little Musician Collection includes wooden maracas in caterpillar and ladybug; the Colorful Wood Castanet Set; the “I Heart Music” Tambourine, featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar; a wooden recorder resembling a caterpillar; a purple, yellow, green, and red wooden jingle bell stick; the Caterpillar Wood Clacker in yellow and green; a wooden harmonica; and the Little Musician boxed gift set, including The Very Hungry Caterpillar tambourine, recorder, maracas, and a castanet.