Think-a-lot Toys has announced that it will keep the assembly of its Think-ets games here in the U.S., and also hire members of the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC), a private nonprofit corporation that employs people with developmental disabilities in Lakewood, Colo., to help assemble its Think-ets games.

Think-ets uses miniature objects from around the world for storytelling, memory games, and more. DDRC says its workers take great pride in putting each miniature object into mesh pouches. “They earn a paycheck now,” said Leslie Smith, supervisor at DDRC, in a press release. “Rather than just sitting and watching TV, they now interact with the community. It increases their self-esteem to get out of the house, earn money, and learn new skills.”

DDRC helps to create opportunities for people with developmental disabilities and their families, which allows them to participate fully in the community. Employees at DDRC assemble the complete line of Think-ets games, including Think-ets (original), Think-ets Genius, Think-ets Deluxe Pack, and Think-ets Teacher Edition.