In partnership with Industry Insights, the Toy Industry Association has released the final results of the 2012 Toy Industry Compensation and Benefits Survey. Results are free for TIA members, and must be purchased by non-members.

The survey is the first toy industry survey on compensation levels and company-wide benefits packages to be conducted since 2002-2003. Participants included more than 50 TIA member companies, public and private as well as small, mid-size, and large organizations, directly engaged in the manufacturing, and importing and distribution of toys.

In addition to the results package which includes, a final industry-wide report – comparative compensation and benefits information on all respondents, gross revenue, gross domestic revenue, and more; an online searchable results tool, with 24-7 access to a web-based resource that allows users to custom tailor results to match company-specific circumstances.

TIA member organizations that participated in the study will receive complimentary access to a Company Compensation Report (CCR) that positions a company’s individual reported figures alongside the appropriate industry comparatives. Access requests can be submitted to SalBenSurvey[at]toyassociation[dot]org.

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