The developers of TrashCanKidz, a new brand of toys and gaming that intends to expand the social awareness of children, are seeking supporters to help launch its online game. Inspired by the real life hardships faced by children globally, the game transports players to the Forgotten World where kids must take action in order to transform it into one where the TrashCanKidz can thrive and find happiness.

Through the crowd funding site KickStarter, game developers are seeking backers to expand TrashCanKidz from its existing foundation to enhance multiplayer functionality, allow for more characters and character customization, and include richer locations and mini-games.

The developers are also seeking to complete the TrashCanKidz website, where parents and children can learn about the mission, register for the game, and purchase  TrashCanKidz products, such as a doll and trading cards. TrashCanKidz gameplay and  purchases will directly impact real charities and enable children to track their efforts in the real world. To learn more about TrashCanKidz, visit its Kickstarter page.

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