Update to Innovation First Lawsuit Against MGA

MGA Entertainment has responded to claims by Innovation First that allege MGA copied its Hexbug Nano line. In a press release, MGA stated that Innovation First has not served the company with a lawsuit. MGA is also stating that Innovation First admitted, as part of a sworn testimony last month to a federal judge in Los Angeles, that “the outward appearance of the current ‘Legend of Nara Battling Bugs’ toys from MGA . . . is substantially different from the outward appearance of the Hexbug Nano that the trade dress and copyright laws do not appear to be implicated.” MGA says that at the testimony Innovation First did not have any infringement claims against MGA’s Nara Bug. MGA is seeking a dismissal of the lawsuit.


    1. Jackie says:

      Imelda: Hexbugs and Legend of Nara Bugs are two separate product lines from two different companies. I’m not sure you can use them interchangeably with the play sets. I would recommend you buy a play set and bugs from the same brand rather than trying to mix and match between Hexbugs and Legend of Nara. I hope this helps!!

    2. Imelda Murphy says:

      So I’m just back from Target and they are selling these two items alongside each other. i understood they both came from the same company. I’m all confused now, do i have to go back and now get more accessories for Nana legend of Nara
      Do I need this now just before Xmas


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