VTech-LogoVTech has added new products to its spring toy line, including additions to award-winning infant and preschool lines. VTech has also developed a Milestones guide, which is a compiled list of recommendations for toys that are appropriate to a child’s particular age and developmental milestone.

The spring line includes InnoTab Learning Cartridges for the InnoTab Learning Tablet, with titles ranging from e-Books to games. The Go! Go! Smart Wheels product line has expanded with the Car Wash Playset, where kids can develop fine motor skills by simulating a car wash; Tractor & Trailer, where kids learn about the letter “T” and pretend to do farmwork; and Vehicles, electronic vehicles that have activated music and sound, including a car, van, ambulance, and race cars.

The Switch & Go Dinos line also has two additional products. The Turbo Dinosaurs are race cars that transform into dinosaurs, and the Turbo T-Rex Launcher charges a racecar-turned-dinosaur to send it racing over 20 feet. Other new products include the Write & Learn Touch Tablet, Sort & Go Helicopter, Monkey Band Music Center, and Light & Move Learning Ball.

VTech’s Expert Panel, consisting of a group of children’s learning specialists, creates products for children at each stage of development.