YoYoJam_OdysseyYomega Corp. and YoYoJam Inc. have teamed up to develop and market a line of high-performance plastic yo-yos. The initial YoYoJam from Yomega collection will include three yo-yo models designed for yo-yoers interested in learning basic skills and tricks, as well as those moving towards advanced and competitive play.

Among the models to be offered is an updated version of YoYoJam’s Journey, which features an adjustable gap system so players can perform various string tricks, while the all-new Firestorm is a high performance plastic yo-yo with a bold look and solid feel. The most advanced yo-yo in the YoYoJam from Yomega line is the Odyssey, an update of the classic YoYoJam “Surge.”

The line will be produced in the U.S. by YoYoJam and distributed by Yomega, which will also be responsible for the packaging and marketing. Yomega will work closely with Team YoYoJam to promote them online and at retail locations. YoYoJam from Yomega is expected to be available at traditional and online toy and hobby retailers this summer.