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Zazoo Kids Creates Two New Photo Clocks

Zazoo Kids has expanded its Photo Clock collection by adding two new styles for a total of seven clocks. Parents can download personalized images for mornings, nights, special occasions, and holidays. The clocks tell children can’t read a clock yet when to go to bed, stay in bed, or start the day.

The photo clocks come with pre-programmed awake and asleep images. Parents can also personalize their child’s photo clock with personal digital photos. The clock features a rotating photo frame, an alarm clock, video, music, an audio book, and a calendar. It also comes with 11 children’s songs from artists including Milkshake and Little Miss Ann.

The Zazoo Photo Clock can be purchased online at www.zazookids.com, www.csn.com, www.brookstone.com. www.bestbuy.com, www.buybuybaby.com, and kids.discovery.com and found in select retail stores.