by Pam Johnson

The great journey of adulthood will happen to us all. However, before you get there, it’s time to enjoy these fun and amusing board games.

Candy Land

Don’t even try to get to adulthood without playing Candy Land! This amusing game has been entertaining children of all ages for decades and decades, and you simply cannot miss it.

Monopoly Jr.

While one of the games can still take hours to complete, Monopoly Jr. is more suitable for a younger crowd than the standard version. Youngsters can certainly learn some basic counting skills while having a lot of fun.

Real Monopoly

Before making that final leap into the world of adults, it’s time to get out the board and play some real Monopoly. You’ll get a chance to see what it’s like to own some real estate and handle some seriously large amounts of money in your own hands!


As the name implies, this game is a perfect one for youngsters. They get to cause a little bit of trouble themselves when they bounce around this game board. Indeed, quite a number of laughs are going to be heard as kids play this game for hours on end.

Mouse Trap

Here’s a classic that has been around for quite some time as well. While it might take parents quite a bit of time to set up, they will truly see the benefits when they hear children laughing and giggling at this fun game all afternoon.

Ice Breaker

This game is really an intriguing one, and adults will certainly want to get in on the fun as well. As a thin layer rests between you and a game-losing incident, quite a bit of anxiety builds up. Once adulthood finally arrives, you might find yourself sneaking this game out once in awhile.

Old Maid

No childhood is complete with several good rounds of Old Maid. Popular for quite a long time, this game has worked its way into the hearts of many. Adults everywhere still cherish their favorite deck of cards from when they were children themselves.

Go Fish

Speaking of card games for kids, you absolutely need to play Go Fish as well. This game makes people laugh, and it brings joy to the hearts of young and old. As you play with your grandparents and parents, they will share stories of playing many-a-round back when they were younger.


Oh boy! This one is sure to stir up quite a bit of anticipation. As you try to properly put the pieces into the right spots, no one will want to see you miss.


Here’s another challenging game. You have only a short amount of time to solve this immense puzzle before, as the old commercial says, “Pop goes Perfection!”

All of these games really help to shape a childhood and give you an experience of a lifetime. When you are grown, you will surely want to play these games with your own children and remember the good ole days.

Pam Johnson is a mother and occupational therapist. She enjoys playing board games with her children, and also with young clients who need to practice hand eye coordination skills and fine motor skills. For more information about her position, follow How Do I become an Occupational Therapist?