3Doodler added the newest edition of 3-D printing pens and new kits to its line of products, including the 3Doodler Create+ Pen and its 2018 Create Product Line, featuring a range of on-trend Home Décor and DIY Project Kits and several STEM-focused products.

The Create+ introduces the first dual drive system in a 3D printer, leading to easier loading and operation for a wider range of materials, including PLA, ABS and FLEXY. Other major improvements include a new heating algorithm for enhanced performance, auto retraction to prevent oozing, auto sleep for safety, more distinct fast and slow settings, an overhauled, and more intuitive unboxing experience.

The 3Doodler Create+ is compatible with all existing 3Doodler Create Plastics, Canvas Series, and Project Kits, and will be available wherever 3Doodler products are sold including Target, Dick Blick, and Barnes & Noble later this summer.

New extensions this year to the Create line include STEM, home decor, and handbags. With the Animal Heads Kit, users can create wall-mounted geometric decor; the Clutch & Purse Kit features a modern floral or wave cross stitch style; the Engine Kit, enables anyone to bring a twin engine or a V8 to life; and an Advanced Robotics Kit, allowing a Doodled creation to move freely.

Also new is the 3Doodler Artist’s Bag, a stylish way to hold a Create+ Pen, around 200 plastic strands, Nozzle Set and JetPack or power adaptor, for in home storage and on-the-go. The bag is set to be released later this year.