London-based Acamar Films signed a content deal with the BBC for another season of its preschool property, Bing.

With this deal, an additional 26 7-minute episodes are set to air on CBeebies and the BBC iPlayer starting on Oct. 31, following the launch of the new episodes on Acamar’s new Bing: Watch, Play, Learn app. The BBC also relicensed the original 78 episodes.

Produced by Acamar Films in association with Dublin-based partner Brown Bag Films, the animated series follows Bing and his friends through preschool life.

The new season features new voice actors: Rafferty Railton as Bing, David Threlfall as Flop, and Noah Hicks as Pando. There are also two new characters, Dr. Molly (Tamsin Greig) and Sula’s young cousin Nicky (Xavi Nixon).

The show airs in 116 markets in addition to the UK. The property also saw a positive reaction to the toy launch from master toy partner Golden Bear.