American Girl - Create Your Own Dolls

For the first time in American Girl history, kids can customize their own Truly Me doll from head to toe. Using the new online tool, kids can create their own designs with the options of face molds, skin tones and freckles, eye and hair colors, hair textures, new cuts and styles, and additional features such as earrings, hearing aids, glasses, braces, and more.

Kids can also complete the personalization and choose from one of six exclusive outfits and accessory sets specificially created for these dolls. In addition to the cusom doll and outfit, the collection also includes an accessory set, a personalized keepsake box, a certificate to create a custom T-shirt, and a free six-month subscription to American Girl magazine.

With the new experience, kids can create girl-sized products to go along with their doll outfits. The six design options include a doll tunic and leggings, a doll dress, a doll sport set, a doll tee, a girl tee, or a girl backpack. And, with a vast selection of themes, colors, patterns, and prints to choose from through the Create Your Own online tool, girls can tailor their creations to showcase their design talents and original style.

The experience will go live on Aug. 8 online and at American Girl’s flagship retail locations in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.