Amtrak, Anchor Bay Entertainment, and Ludorum have partnered for a cross-promotion of the animated kids series Chuggington. This cross-promotion is timed to celebrate the upcoming Chuggington Icy Escapades DVD release from Anchor Bay Entertainment. The Amtrak website and more than 100 Amtrak train stations nationwide will showcase the property during the month of November.

The participating Amtrak train stations will feature Chuggington counter cards, mini seatback posters, and a special Traffic Safety activity booklet from Ludorum, creator of the CGI-animated television series. Long distance trains will feature Chuggington placemats and several stations will display overhead banners. Ads will also appear on Chuggington’s website with an Amtrak webpage dedicated to the promotion. Amtrak will share the news with its 500,000 email subscribers. The DVD packaging from Anchor Bay will include a full-page color ad displaying the partnership. To learn more about Chuggington Traffic Safety activity booklet, visit