APC Kids, the children’s entertainment division of About Premium Content will serve as the global distributor for the new animated series Galactic Agency outside France, Belgium, Luxembourg and India. APC Kids will market the the series of 52 13-minute episodes to potential pre-buyers at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, June 10 to 15. The series is produced by Studio 100 Animation (France) alongside Singapore-based Cosmos-Maya.

“We are thrilled to be joining such an exciting, original project, working with some of the most talented producers in Europe and Asia,” says Lionel Marty, managing director of APC Kids. “We are confident that audiences across the globe will love the hilarious and whimsical escapades of this new adventure comedy.”

Aimed at kids ages 6 to 9, Galactic Agency was created by author Julie Chabrol, and follows the adventures of a team of “extreme repair specialists” — Dany (the boss), K (hyperactive intern), and  Apple and Zed (twins). The group travels across the WashMash Galaxy aboard a “hypersensitive” spaceship called the Toaster as they embark on missions to fix unique items for a variety of clients.