Source: Arcade1Up/The Toy Book

Following the recent launches of its Arcade1Up Jr. line and Infinity Game Table, Tastemakers has unveiled a refreshed lineup of its Arcade1Up Countercades and Head-to-Head Arcade Tables.

The fall lineup brings two-player action to the Countercade realm with several popular arcade video games presented in a smaller footprint than the typical home arcade cabinet. Each Countercade includes two to four games and features a lighted marquee.

Arcade1Up Countercades ($229 each) 

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The company’s assortment of Head-to-Head Arcade Tables — inspired by the “cocktail tables” of the ’70s and ’80s — expands with 29-inch high tables complete with glass tops to fight back against spills.

Arcade1Up Head-to-Head Arcade Table ($699 each) 

The new lineup of Arcade1Up machines is slated to ship between October and November, depending on the title.