Dublin-based Arckit is bringing the world of professional sports to its expanding range of architectural model kits.

Arckit Sports Volume 1 and Volume 2 are the first multi-stadium model building kits. Combining sports and architectural building, sports fans can build their own dream arena, including those with a modern angular design (Volume 1) or an elegant curved design (Volume 2). With a host of options available, the Arckit Sports multi-stadium model kits can be customized to represent baseball, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, football, and more.

Each kit includes stickers and cards for customization and pieces to build using Arckit’s “open-ended” building system. Additionally, builders can slot their mobile device into the field area to bring the structure to life using downloadable 2D field animations from arckit.com, or by viewing live sporting events.

Arckit Sports

Kits are available to order now direct from Arckit.