Aurora.RaggedyAnnturns100Aurora World will be launching special edition Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls and sponsoring Raggedy Ann’s 100th birthday event in celebration of the brand’s centennial anniversary.

The special edition 16-inch Stars and Stripes Raggedy Ann and Andy will feature apparel that has white stars against a dark blue background combined with red. The 100th anniversary is noted on Raggedy Ann’s apron and Raggedy Andy’s cap. Aurora will launch additional dolls throughout the year to celebrate the milestone.

In addition, Aurora will be a major sponsor of the Raggedy Ann Birthday Party Celebration, hosted by the Arcola Chamber of Commerce on June 12 and 13. The company will donate 300 special edition Raggedy Ann birthday dolls for giveaways to collectors, along with several sets of the special edition Stars and Stripes Raggedy Ann and Andy for the event’s auction. Dolls will also be given to the local children’s hospital under the Aurora and Arcola Chamber of Commerce name.