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Hasbro Launches Haslab

Hasbro’s new platform Haslab hopes to put dream products into the hands of fans. If enough consumers preorder items in Haslab, then the item will go into production. The first Haslab item will be Star Wars Jabba’s Sail Barge vehicle. Measuring approximately 4 feet long, this large scale item features premium deco and vintage packaging. Jabba’s Sail Barge comes complete with fan accessible interior and exterior decks, one Jabba the Hutt 3.75-inch scale figure, two soft-cloth fabric sails, and other features that mimic the vehicle from the film. Haslab takes inspiration from other platforms by inviting participants to support the product by backing...

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Cra-Z-Art, Kodak to Make World’s Largest Puzzle

Cra-Z-Art plans to develop the World’s Largest Puzzle to be available for sale commercially, in partnership with one of its brand licensing partners, Eastman Kodak Company. The puzzle will be approximately five-by-thirty-feet, will include fifty thousand pieces, and feature photographs from around the world. The World’s Largest Puzzle is expected to be available at major retailers later this year, and Cra-Z-Art plans to have the Guinness World Records officially designate the puzzle as a record...

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Mattel, Tynker Team Up For Barbie Programming Experience

Mattel committed to introduce 10 million kids to coding by 2020 through an expanded partnership with Tynker. Mattel and Tynker began their partnership in 2015 with Hot Wheels and Monster High programming experiences. This year, the companies are slated to launch seven Barbie coding lessons that will teach kids about computer science and programming and expose them to careers such as Pet Vet, Astronaut, and Robotics Engineer. The Barbie programming experience is designed for beginners (grades K and up), and will gradually introduce young learners to basic programming concepts by casting them in different career roles alongside Barbie. The experience...

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Hasbro Named Global Master Toy Licensee for Saban’s Power Rangers

Hasbro was named the global master toy licensee for Saban’s Power Rangers. Under the terms of the agreement and in collaboration with Saban Brands, Hasbro will design, produce, and bring to market a wide variety of toys, games, and role-play items inspired by the franchise. Hasbro will hold the worldwide rights, excluding Japan and certain other Asian markets, effective as of April 1, 2019. The arrangement provides Saban Brands and Hasbro with the opportunity to initiate Hasbro’s purchase of the Power Rangers property. The range of products will be available in spring...

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Dash Robotics Raises $2.7 Million In Funding

Dash Robotics raised an additional $2.7 million in funding, led by Ironfire Ventures. The company plans to use the new funding to partner with large toy and entertainment companies for more connected toys. During last holiday season, Dash Robotics made the debut of its first product in partnership with Mattel Inc., Kamigami Robots. The Dash Robotics team consists of PhD roboticists, Stanford University trained engineers, and toy industry veterans. Their technology utilizes Bluetooth, computer vision, and machine learning to create novel and engaging toys and play...

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GUND Showcases New Products At Toy Fair

GUND will introduce its winter lineup of plush to attendees of the 2018 North American International Toy Fair. The company made updates to its Snuffles bear for the new year, and will introduce a unicorn plush named Luna and The Flappy Activity Toy, Soft Book, Lovey, and plush rattle with colorful feet and beads, all in sensory-stimulating formats. GUND’s latest license is with Sanrio with rights to Gudetama. Its line of Gudetama plush will show the lazy egg in some of its favorite positions with signature open mouth, closed eyes, and defined backside. The Cozy line will now feature...

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Bright Kingdom, Discovery To Release Shark Week Toys

  Bright Kingdom Ltd. partnered with Discovery Consumer Products to launch products for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Bright Kingdom will be releasing action based play sets, figures, role playing activities and vehicles to honor Shark Week’s 30th anniversary this year, as well as ocean-themed toys for the...

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Little Kids Inc. Introduces New Bubble and Water Products at Toy Fair

Little Kids Inc. will unveil a vast line of new bubble and water products at the North American International Toy Fair ahead of the spring season. Leading the line are new PJ Masks products, including bubble blowing vehicles and Water Rescue Packs that shoot water up to 30 feet. The spring line will also include newly-designed bubble products created specifically for preschoolers’ hands. Returning properties including Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol and Shimmer and Shine and Jelly Belly and Peeps branded products in time for Easter baskets. Little Kids will also introduce, Slick Tricks, a new line of bubble trick sets designed for kids ages five and up. The four...

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3Doodler Partners with HEXBUG for New STEM Toys to Debut At Toy Fair

3Doodler will debut its new line of 3Doodler Start products at the North American Toy Fair this weekend. This line features a variety of products that incorporate robotics and STEM concepts, as well as products that allow kids to channel their creativity. Kids can now customize their HEXBUG collections with the Make Your Own HEXBUG Pen Set & Activity Kit. Kids can doodle their HEXBUG’s body and legs using the insect themed DoodleMolds, then let it crawl around to explore its environment, build mazes for it to scurry its way through, or even race it with friends. 3Doodler will...

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TCG Brings Back AI Game 20Q

TCG, under license from Irwin Toy, is launching a 20Q artificial intelligence (AI) game lineup with an all new range to mark the 30 year anniversary of the brand’s debut. Sporting a fresh new look and enhanced technology, 20Q has been updated and is “smarter than ever before.” Kids can increase and decrease the speed of the questions posed and answer “yes,” “no,” “sometimes,” or “unknown,” and the AI unit will provide the answer that’s almost always correct. The all-new line-up features a 20Q Classic Edition, a 20Q Rock & Roll Edition, and a 20Q Sports Edition. This line is designed for kids ages...

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