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The Pokémon Co. Reveals Champion’s Path TCG Expansion

The Pokémon Co. International just revealed the next expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), Champion’s Path, coming soon on September 25. With Champion’s Path, Pokémon Trainers can recreate their journey through the Galar region in the Pokémon TCG by collecting various pins featuring Gym logos as well as foil cards representing the partner Pokémon of each Gym Leader — similar to what they’d experience in the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield video games. Key highlights from the set include 11 Pokémon V plus four full-art Pokémon V, three Pokémon VMAX, and one full-art Supporter card. Trainers will...

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Moose Toys’ Bluey Collection Arrives in the U.S.

Moose Toys‘ new Bluey collection of figures, playsets, and plush will soon be snagging plenty of Dollarydoos and Dollarbucks from families across the U.S. The full range debuts at Target stores later this month before expanding into mass retailers everywhere beginning August 1. Bluey is the sweetest kids’ show around, featuring a family of Australian pups who love to use their imaginations and spend quality time together. “Bluey was a runaway hit in Australia, and as fellow Aussies, Moose Toys is in a unique position to bring the magic of the show directly to U.S. fans with this special...

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Video Games Join Puzzles As Top-Selling Category Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

It’s not just puzzles and toilet paper that are hot, hot, hot. Video games are also in high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to The NPD Group, March 2020 tracked spending across video game hardware, software, accessories, and game cards totaled $1.6 billion, showing a 35% increase compared to last year. This massive uptick marks the highest reported video game spend in March since the $1.8 billion achieved in 2008. With 42 states under stay-at-home orders in an effort to decrease the spread of the coronavirus, people suddenly have a need for more at-home entertainment than ever before,...

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DC Collectibles Debuts Lucha Libre Figures and More for Toy Fair

DC Collectibles revealed a brand-new line of premium collectible figures that blends the world of Lucha Libre with iconic DC characters. Each 7–inch action figure is a Latin American-inspired reimagining of a DC superhero or villain, complete with a unique character backstory rooted in Mexico’s rich cultural history. Fans can create epic storylines while battling with the first wave of figures inspired by Batman, Deathstroke, Superman, Metallo II, Wonder Woman, and the Cheetah. The figures will be available in August. DC Collectibles also announced DC Prime, a new premium-grade, 9-inch action-figure line brought to life by artist Riccardo Federici and...

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Hasbro, Sony Collaborate for a Transformers/Ghostbusters Mashup

What happens when two iconic brands share a 35th anniversary? A must-have collectible. Ahead of Toy Fair New York, Hasbro and Sony Pictures Consumer Products revealed the first Transformers–Ghostbusters collaborative figure, the Ecto-1 Ectotron, available at GameStop this summer. Fans can preorder the figure now at and GameStop. This year marks the 35th anniversary of both the Transformers brand and the original Ghostbusters film. Meet Ectotron, a converting Paranormal Investigator. The figure is packed in a G1-inspired box featuring classic tech specs, and it comes with its own proton pack and Slimer accessory. It also converts between two modes in 22 steps — a...

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Disney To Release Star Wars, Frozen 2 Products in Epic Retail Event on Oct. 4

Toy Fair New York will showcase thousands of toys from more than 1,000 toy makers—but toys inspired two of Disney’s most anticipated films of the year won’t be among them. 2019 marks a banner year for Disney, with multiple live-action remakes of Disney classic films, conclusions to the Avengers (as we now know them) and the Skywalker Saga, and the long awaited sequel to Frozen. And with great movies, comes great toys and merchandise. Products inspired by Star Wars: Episode IX and Disney’s Frozen 2 will hit retail shelves around the world on Oct. 4, marking Disney’s first-ever, global simultaneous rollout...

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Nintendo Reveals New Console with Detachable Controllers, Portable Gameplay

Nintendo released an introductory video today featuring its new home gaming system formerly known as the Nintendo NX. Set for release in March, the brand new, innovative Nintendo Switch system features a dock that connects the system to a TV for play at home, or it can be lifted from the dock and taken on the go. A vast upgrade from both the Wii U and the portable 3DS consoles, the Switch features a bright, high-definition display. The portability of the new console is exactly what fans have been waiting for, and extends the gaming experience to wherever players are, with just one console. The new system features removable Joy-Con controllers that snap on to either side of the Switch screen. Gamers can splat, smash, and race with the Joy-Con controllers in place, or remove them, prop the Switch up on a flat surface with the kickstand, and play with one controller in each hand. Or, flip the Joy-Con controllers horizontally and hand one off to a friend for two-player gaming; slip them into a Joy-Con Grip accessory, and create a more traditional controller experience; or abandon the Joy-Con controllers and grab a new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to use instead. The Switch platform features at least five controller options based on the three-minute clip we’ve seen so far. Developers are already on board and working on games that are...

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The New Flavor of Activity Toys

Mom was wrong: apparently, it’s more than OK to play with your food. Since the inception of Kenner Toys’ Easy-Bake Oven in 1963, kids have been expressing their creativity in the kitchen by baking up miniature sweet treats. And while the Easy-Bake Oven is one of the most iconic toys ever made, inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2006, new toys that let kids make and decorate real, edible foods are eating up shelf space like never before. Culinary Kids In the ’60s, the Easy-Bake Oven was largely marketed toward girls, but with male chefs like Bobby...

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Coloring Outside the Age Lines

Coloring books are integral to kids’ creative development, with thousands of titles featuring thick black outlines of cartoon characters, just waiting to be scribbled on, torn out, and hung on the refrigerator. But kids aren’t the only ones showing off their creativity with coloring books. Specialty retailers such as Michaels and Barnes and Noble are stocking the shelves with dozens of titles designed with adults in mind. Instead of simple images of Queen Elsa from Disney Frozen or snuggly puppies with lolling tongues, adult coloring books feature intricate geometric patterns, natural scenery, and even some characters based on mature...

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