As families grapple with ways to keep kids educated during COVID-19-related homeschool routines, WowWee is empowering parents with fun ideas to keep preschoolers busy, featuring the newest member of the Nick Jr. family: Pinkfong Baby Shark.

The campaign #BabySharkToySchool loads parents up with new ways to incorporate activities for learning, laughing, and playing together. Families can log on to social media to share their #BabySharkToySchool experiences, helping to create a community in which others can also invite this new preschool character into their at-home routines with engaging and educational toys from WowWee.

Families can visit WowWee’s Instagram or Facebook page for more ideas on how to learn, play, and stay entertained with the official Pinkfong Baby Shark toys, such as using the Song Puppets during at-home drama class to encourage imaginative play, practicing ABC’s and 123’s with the Baby Shark Smartphone, and more.