Bedtime and morning rituals for young children have just become easier. BabyZoo, a manufacturer of sleep aids for kids, recently launched the BabyZoo Sleep Trainer, a timer-based night-light, and more.

The BabyZoo Sleep Trainer features a monkey named Momo who signals the child when it’s time to get up and when it’s time to sleep by opening and closing its eyes. The Sleep Trainer also displays a digital and analog clock to teach children how to read time. Parents can also choose between different alarm sounds with volume control. The alarm is available in two color combos: green-and-yellow and pink-and-blue.

Gus, a turtle-shaped night-light, comes with a timer function that automatically shuts the light off at 10, 20, or 30 minutes. A child can also switch the light on at night by tapping on the turtle shell; the light automatically switches off after each use. The night-light uses batteries instead of LED lights, preventing the product from getting warm. Gus is also available in green-and-yellow or pink-and-blue.

Coco, a digital music player specifically for young children, was designed to create a magical bedtime atmosphere. Coco plays lulling music and bedtime stories, and the barnyard design makes the audio player appealing to children of all ages.

Woolly, a “sunrise light” and alarm clock, wakes children up in a more natural way, mimicking the rising light of the sun. The intensity of the light gradually increases from a soft glow until the room is fully lit—then it’s time to get up. Sounds include a soothing Chinese gong, Dutch farm, or a rooster. Woolly can also double as a night-light, and can be set at any intensity for bedtime. Woolly will debut in retail stores in January.

For more info on BabyZoo, or to purchase, click here.

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