DeAPlaneta Entertainment inks Bandai to produce toy line for hit show 'Milo.'
The popular animation series teaches kids about different career paths. | Source: DeAPlaneta Entertainment

Bandai entered into a global licensing agreement with DeAPlaneta Entertainment to serve as the master toy licensee for the animated series Milo

Bandai will launch Milo-themed playsets, figures, role-play vehicles, and educational electronic toys next spring. The agreement will span the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal with plans to expand to France, Germany, and Italy next year. 

The series follows Milo and his friends as they explore different professions such as mechanics, hairdressers, chefs, and postal workers. The show introduces preschoolers to various careers with the underlying message that every job is amazing. 

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“From the moment we saw the animation, it really stood out to us with its fresh new look; bright, bold color scheme; and its super cute graphic style. We immediately felt that the series lent itself to having a strong product range to support the content,” says Nic Aldridge, managing director of Bandai UK. “When we learned more about the property, we were very impressed about its core values and positive messaging around careers.”

Since its UK launch on Channel 5’s Milkshake, Milo has reached 1 million kids between ages 4-15 worldwide, and 3.3 million in the UK. Overall, Milo reaches an average audience of 53,000 kids. The animated series has more than 4 million views on its official YouTube channel, and will soon be expanding on to new YouTube channels in other countries.

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