Entrepreneur BarbieDuring the recent American International Toy Fair in New York City, Mattel offered a preview of what’s to come for one of its most iconic and popular brands. “Anything is possible” was introduced as the new slogan for Barbie, accompanied by an official new Barbie theme performed by Fifth Harmony. It was also announced that this year, after more than 150 careers on her resume, the Barbie Career of the Year doll will celebrate female entrepreneurship.

Looking ahead to the coming months, new Barbie dolls will also focus on hair play, glitter, and supporting the Girl Scouts.

Barbie Endless Curls Doll lets kids ages 5 and up curl and straighten Barbie’s entire head of hair. The doll includes three kinds of no-heat curling tools, and additional styling accessories include a brush, two barrettes, and label-art rubber bands. Barbie Endless Curls will be available in June.

Barbie Sparkle Studio Doll invites kids ages 3 and up to add glitter to Barbie’s wardrobe using the included Sparkle Studio. One dress, two tops, two skirts, and two refillable glitter pens are included, as well as a transfer tool to apply adhesive paper designs to the fashion. Barbie Sparkle Studio Doll will be available in June.

The Barbie Loves Girl Scouts Assortment, for kids ages 3 and up, feature Girl Scout-inspired uniforms and accessories including Girl Scout sashes with badges, iconic Girl Scouts berets, and handy tote bags with Girl Scout messaging. The assortment will arrive in stories this August.

Finally, Barbie Entrepreneur, for kids ages 3 and up, includes a signature pink dress with modern color blocking and silhouette, and accessories such as smartphone, tablet, and briefcase. Already inspiring lots of different opinions across the Internet, Barbie Entrepreneur is scheduled for release this June.