The worst thing about balloon animals is that they never last, and with that in mind Basic Fun! launched ZooBalloos. The new collection of blind-packed “everlasting balloon animals” hit retail with a first wave assortment of micro-collectibles. Each pack includes a squishable balloon animal, a sticker sheet, a self-inflating bop-a-baloo, and a capsule. The ZooBalloos’ backstory tells of a magical world where the balloons have flown too high, one inhabited by the ZooBalloos.


From Basic Fun! comes ZooBalloos

ZooBalloos are geared toward kids and collectors, with chase pieces and figures of varying rarity and finish packed at random.

The latest from Basic Fun! follows the success of their other collectibles lines, including Cake Pop Cuties and the recently-launched Cutetitos. Last year, the Florida-based toy company acquired K’NEX, Playhut, and others.