Bitcoin | Source: Pexels

Dogecoin, Bitcoin — and Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co.

On June 18, the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co. began to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for its plush toys. This makes it, the company says, the first in the toy industry to do so.

“We are always trying to lead the way in our category, and we wanted to make it easier for our customers,” says David Socha, founder of the 26-year-old company. It prides itself on creating wholesome toys with great quality, as well as being ahead of the rest.

Consumers can currently find the brand’s bears at Walmart, Target, and Costco — but these stores will still require hard cash or a credit card. Products that can’t be found in stores can be found on and, where Cryptocurrency can be utilized.

The company hopes that by allowing Cryptocurrency, it will take out the middle-man and achieve efficiency and safety.