Corner Crush and Cluckle | Source: Big G Creative/the Toy Book

Big G Creative is injecting some new life into four-in-a-row, word-scramble gameplay.

Corner Crush and Cluckle are two new games that take inspiration from the classics, introducing new strategies, competitive edges, and interactive elements for kids ages 7 and up to get the most out of their gameplay experience.

Priced at $19.99, Corner Crush takes the four-in-a-row competition to a new level by adding a 3D rotating tower with four sides. Players score four in a row by playing around the corners, dropping blue or red tokens into the two slots above each side of the tower. Players must strategize and memorize their positions on each side of the tower, as well as their opponents, instead of on one 2D plane.

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Priced at $9.99, Cluckle takes the dice-popping, word-making fun of Scrabble and adds a feathery twist. Players must squeeze the rubber chicken to pop out the die and race to flip their egg tiles to see which letters they have. Players then try to arrange a word from their tiles the fastest. Whoever scrambles the fastest has to grab the chicken to win the round.

Corner Crush and Cluckle are available at Target. To check out what other games Big G Creative has in store, visit