Learning Resources is releasing more crazy creatures from its STEM-themed collectibles line, Beaker Creatures — and this time it’s doing it with the support of some celebrity parents.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic, known for their reality series and restaurants, along with Giuliana’s red carpet presence and Bill’s win on the first season of The Apprentice, have partnered with Learning Resources to raise awareness for one of their other passions — early STEM play for kids. The Rancic’s son, Duke (pictured top), attends a STEM school in Chicago.

“Whether Duke is taking apart a gadget to see how it works or playing with STEM toys like Beaker Creatures, it’s very clear that this type of engagement with science and engineering is having a dramatic impact on the way he is learning to think,” says Giuliana. “STEM is new to a lot of parents and it can be daunting to figure out how to integrate it into kids’ lives. We wanted to partner with Learning Resources to help raise awareness about just how simple and natural it can be.”

By partnering with the Rancics, Learning Resources is hoping to spotlight the simple and easily implementable ways all parents can expose their kids to STEM.

Founded in real science, Beaker Creatures recently secured placement in Target stores, and the Beaker Creatures Alien Experiment Lab was named one of this summer’s hottest toys in The Toy Insider’s 2019 Spring & Summer Gift Guide.

Learning Resources’ partnership with the Rancic family includes a series of STEM-focused articles in addition to tips for easily incorporating STEM learning at home. It will culminate in an event in May at the Museum of Science and IndustryChicago where Giuliana and Bill will host a “STEM Spectacular” complete with hands-on Beaker Creatures experiments for students from Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Learning Resources will also make a $100k product donation to CPS as part of their ongoing commitment to give back to local children and classrooms with a focus on early STEM education.