Kids have a new way to race in style.

Sunny Days Entertainment introduces a new line of highly-detailed electronic cars that are just as much style as they are substance.

Glow Racers Hyper Bass is a high functioning racing car geared for kids ages 3 and up. The durable, 10-inch model is equipped with enough features to make it a real car. Kids can direct the motorized car to go forward or backward using a button on the top. The two buttons on the side will set off realistic sounds.

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If that wasn’t realistic enough, the car shines with color-shifting LED lights that glow through the entire car. Kids can activate the lights by hitting the back button and then watching as the car glows to the finish line. Additionally, the Glow Racers Hyper Bass includes a Bluetooth speaker that can stream music from connected devices. The LED lights interact and flash to the beat of the music.

Glow Racers Hyper Bass is available exclusively at Target.