AGFAT_Group_Shot_HRMatilda, Amelia, and Clementine, the first in a new line of historically inspired British dolls known as A Girl for All Time, are now available online for customers in the U.S. These 16-inch dolls are based on 500 years of the fictional Marchmont family. The dolls are dressed in authentic dress such as a velvet cloak or masked ball gown of Tudor England.

Matilda, Your Tudor Girl, comes dressed in a historically inspired costume of grey velvet with a plum kirtle, period underwear, petticoats, court shoes, a key necklace, and a headdress. The Matilda’s Secret novel tells the adventure of 13-year-old Matilda as she is drawn into a world of intrigue, friendship, and even mortal danger in the court of Henry VIII. Also available are Matilda’s night shift, masked ball gown, velvet cloak, and the Keepsakes and Secrets activity book.

Amelia, Your Victorian Girl, is made from durable vinyl with articulated elbows and knees. Dressed in a blue cotton Victorian school dress with striped collar and cuffs, Amelia also comes with ruffled pantalets, an undershirt, sturdy school boots, and a straw boater hat. The Amelia’s Inheritance novel tells the story of how Amelia’s life was changed in an instant in 1880 London. Also available are Amelia’s party dress, opera cloak, and stage/ballet costume.

Clementine, Your 1940s Girl, is pre-order only to be shipped in early September. Clementine’s Journey tells the story of Clementine’s evacuation from London when war breaks out in 1939. Clementine’s 1940s green poly-cotton dress comes with vintage daisy patterns, upturned sleeves, -a satin Peter-Pan collar, and a belt. She also comes with period underwear, ankle socks, sturdy shoes, and a hat with a satin ribbon. Also coming soon are Clementine’s Land-Girl outfit; stout workboots and headscarf; party dress and underskirt; party shoes, velvet sash, and feather boa; and wool coat and beret.

Although based in the UK, the company offers a special checkout for North American customers, with U.S. prices and localized shipping from its Chicago warehouse, online at its U.S. shop.