Bulls-i-Toy, a division of Excell Brands, partnered with PPI Worldwide to bring Abatons Animals to the North American market.

Abatons Animals is a line of collectible toys based on animal species from around the world. Series 1 features characters such as Salima the Camel, Kirvi the Tazmanian Devil, and Suttu the Scorpion. Each blind pack contains pieces for kids to build their collection and play six mini games.

Thes hexagonal-shaped collectibles also have unique backstories. Each clan lives in a specific world based on its natural environment, including a lush jungle, vast ocean, dry desert, and snowy mountain. Made for kids ages 3 and up, the series also includes rare and ultra rare variations of characters that are gold plated and transparent.

The Abatons Animals Series 1 launch in North America aligns with the holiday season and is currently available in the trading card and collectibles section at Target.