Canal Toys' Selfie Photo KitCanal Toys is putting a new spin on selfies with its soon-to-be released selfie kits for tweens, teens, and families. The Selfie Photo Fun kits include a selfie stick, themed photo booth props, and a wireless remote in select sets. The kits transform a typical selfie into a creative photo shoot experience.

Canal Toys’ Selfie Photo Fun kits will launch with various themes, and licensed kits will also be unveiled, including the My Little Pony Selfie Style Photo Fun. Kits come with 10 to 20 cardboard props, and include items such as eyeglasses, a moustache, lips, masks, hats, and more.

The included extendable selfie stick and wireless shutter remote allow for multiple people to fit in the picture—and are great for snapping photos solo, with friends, or at parties. The end result is a smartphone image that can be shared and enjoyed with others.

Additional themed kits will launch throughout the year. The Selfie Photo Fun kits will be available at major retailers as well as online at