Entertainment Earth is planning to roll out an officially licensed Charlie Sheen Talking Bobble Head this July. Made by Funko, the item is seven inches tall and speaks six authentic phrases:

“When you got tiger blood and Adonis DNA, man, it’s like… you get with the program, dude.”

“Winner, winner, chicken dinner… I don’t think so.  Winner, winner, SHEEN dinner!”

“Duh, winning!”

“I… I… I am on a drug; it’s called ‘Charlie Sheen’!”

“Built by trolls. Keep that in mind: phones were built by trolls.”

“Apocalypse me… the jaws of life.”

Would you buy this? Has Charlie Sheen mania jumped the shark or is it still going strong? Just getting started? Only time will tell.

Visit entertainmentearth.com to hear the voice clips.