Source: Cloudco Entertainment

Cloudco Entertainment signed an agency deal with J&M Brands to expand the Care Bears brand across Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, which are referred to together as Benelux.

The belly-badge powers of the Care Bears were recently reintroduced to kids with an all-new mission and look in Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, which was originally made available in the U.S. and UK. J&M Brands will focus on the relaunch of Care Bear toys through Basic Fun!, but will also manage all consumer products and licensing initiatives in the countries.

“Benelux consumers love the come back of the ’80s and therefore this fun retro brand will be a great success in our territory,” says Jannienke Mulder, the CEO and co-founder of J&M Brands in a press release.

The brand extension licensing agency has previously worked with Stationary Team, which it introduced to the region. Back-to-school products, partyware and paperware, and face masks based on the brand are currently being well-received in the region.