64cee8c2-fe9a-48ff-87e6-8336e50afe2dColorforms Brands LLC, launched a new website and free app available on iTunes to expand the way children interact digitally with the storytelling brand.

The website offers fun facts, historical information, and past commercials and sets from decades ago. It also provides information on new sets being offered.

The app is centered on open-ended play with three features to choose from. The Playsets feature has different backgrounds and individual pieces to create scenes, while the Play Boards feature is for children who need more guidance. It offers two levels (easy and hard), where players choose a board and drag and drop their shapes into outlined spaces. The third feature, Create a Story, has users choose from a variety of themes or backgrounds, place their Colorforms pieces, and record the story as they move the pieces. Exclusively, there is bonus Marvel content that can be unlocked with select Colorforms toys and achievements in the app. The unlocked features include Avenger-themed backgrounds and Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy Colorforms pieces.