Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 4.13.43 PMLittle girls love to play with makeup. I know I definitely did. Unfortunately for me, my mom mostly stuck to neutrals, earth tones, and pale pinks—”boring” colors, in my young opinion. I wanted to open that makeup bag and see electric blue eye shadow, fire engine red lipstick, bright pink blush, vermillion glitter nail polish—you know, the works. But I made do with what she had, bland though I may have thought it, because it was fun to play with. For years, I’ve said that if I ever have a daughter, I will keep a stash of all the fun stuff (that I would never wear myself—I now, of course, completely understand why my mom kept the palette she did) and let her have at it as a special treat. However, there are lots of great makeup kits for girls available today, which may save me a trip to the cosmetics aisle of my drugstore.

Alex Toys’ Mix & Makeup Nail Sparkle kit lets girls ages 5 and up create their own sparkly nail polish. Kids make the polish themselves by mixing the colors and glitter in the included mixing cup, then pouring their creation into the cute candy-shaped bottles with the funnel. The polish is easy to apply, and easily peels off.

With the Disney Frozen Cosmetics Box, from Townley, girls can glamorize and have a blast. The beauty kit contains 12 press-on nails, a sheet of holographic stickers, two snap hair clips, a nail file, three nail polishes, two tubes of lip gloss, two pots of lip gloss, a lip gloss compact, and a makeup pouch to hold it all, featuring an image from Frozen. Each piece in the kit is adorned with characters from the film.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 4.12.53 PMThe Flower Power Makeup Set, from POP, is the coolest set I’ve seen, and would have been a huge hit with me as a kid. There are 77 pieces in this set: 30 shimmer creams, 39 lip glosses, four lipsticks, three nail polishes, and a toe divider for pedicures. POP also offers the Slumber Party Makeup Set, which includes four eye shadows, two lip glosses, two lipsticks, body bling, two nail polishes, a mirror, and a barrette.

Makeup is lots of fun in general; even as an adult, it’s still fun to try new things and buy new pieces. As a kid, it’s fun to play with makeup, whether next to mom while she gets ready, with friends at a slumber party, or even alone in the bathroom mirror. Makeup can be messy, not to mention expensive, so kid-friendly kits are generally a safer and more economical way for little girls to have fun without breaking the bank.

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