Time is flying, and it’s hard to believe that next weekend is already the Fourth of July. For many families, this means barbecues, friends and family, music, and to top it all off, a spectacular fireworks display. Many Fourth of Julys from my childhood were spent at the beach or someone’s pool, and the days always seemed to last forever—in a good way. While the grown-ups mingled, we kids would embark on a day of adventure—exploring, playing, competing, and forging relationships. Here are some toys to give kids everything they need for a fantastic Fourth of July:


Toysmith’s Fish-Butterfly Net is a classic way to keep kids entertained for hours in the great outdoors. This multi-purpose net lets kids catch insects on land, minnows in the water, or fireflies once the sun goes down. I remember spending hours with my friends and cousins outside at the docks, waiting to plunge the net in at just the right time to catch the tiny fish that flickered in the sun beams. Bonus points if there’s a pond nearby for catching frogs.

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Party Snappers are a must-have Fourth of July staple for kids ages 8 and up. These tiny bundles make a loud popping sound when thrown against the ground. With 50 snappers to a box, they’re an inexpensive way to have tons of fun.


What’s a big get-together without a little friendly competition? With John N. Hansen Co.’s Bocce Ball Game Set, kids (and adults!) can challenge each other to see who can get their colored ball closest to the white target. Bocce is great for sand, grass, or dirt surfaces, and lends itself well to either quick or lasting play.

Wherever your family spends the Fourth of July this year, adding some fun extras can make it a holiday to remember.

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