The beach, barbecues, and time off from school are some of the most beloved parts of summer vacation. However, we can’t forget about summer blockbusters. While we are still getting over winter weather here in New York City, I can’t help but get into the summer mood hearing all about the movies that are fast approaching. And to make it even better, this summer’s movies have inspired some awesome products. I was happily surprised to see some versatile items that both kids and adults can enjoy, and have compiled some of my favorites below:

Apr2.SpidermanThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 Mega Blaster Web Shooter with Glove by Hasbro can make a kid feel like his or her favorite superhero. The product comes with a glove just like Spider-Man’s and a wrist-mounted shooter that blasts either water from the refillable water cartridge or the Spidey Shot Web Fluid. Both units are included in the package and are triggered by the push of a small lever with two middle fingers. The Spidey Shot Web Fluid is essentially a type of aerosol string, like Silly String, that comes out in a continuous line that feels like foam. After a few minutes, the fluid dries out and is easily removable from any surface. Although I prefer the web fluid over the water, both methods of simulating Spider-Man make a great way for kids to spend time outside. Kids can definitely enjoy this toy all spring before the movie comes out in May.

Apr2.MaleficentAs someone who grew up playing with dolls, the Maleficent Collector Fashion Dolls definitely caught my eye. I already promised my mom months ago to take her to see Maleficent this May, so I know the appeal this movie has for adults. However, I can also see a child playing with these dolls, and using them as another villain and princess from their collections. The dolls from Jakks Pacific are available in two characters: Aurora and Maleficent. The Aurora Collector Doll includes golden hair and intricately-detailed floral crown, while the Maleficent Collector Doll wears her black glitter gown, three-dimensional black wings, and iconic horns. Both dolls’ outfits are true to the film, and the same goes for their facial details: Maleficent even has the same razor sharp cheekbones as Angelina Jolie!

Apr2.GodzillaGodzilla fans, make some shelf space for the King of the Monsters. Jakks Pacific has created the Giant Size Godzilla, the largest Godzilla figure on the market, just in time for the theatrical release of Godzilla this May. The figure is over three-and-a-half feet long, stands two feet tall, and has 12 points of articulation, so it can be positioned in however way at any given time. His tail swings, and he has a mouth that opens and closes, as well as a head and hands that can each rotate 360 degrees. I can see collectors and children alike loving this product—I mean, come on, who doesn’t want a giant-sized Godzilla?

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