As I wandered the R/C aisles at Toy Fair this year, I noticed the hobby-grade trends trickling down into mass market toys. R/Cs were starting to become more focused on flying, instead of only ground transportation. Toy companies were trying to discover how to make quality products, such as those found at the hobby grade level, at a price point that was affordable for toy shelves. And the result is tons of cool R/C products that are unlike anything we’ve seen in this category before.

One of the stand-out companies I saw, and then had the chance to meet with later, was Skyrocket Toys. Skyrocket has three new major R/Cs coming out for this holiday season, and I think they exemplify the movement to increase the quality of product at an affordable price point.

SkyViperQuadCopter_SkyrocketToysThe Sky Viper QuadCopter follows one of the hottest trends in R/C right now—four-blade copters. With hobby-grade precision and computer-controlled, six-axis gyro and accelerometer stabiliazation, the 16-inch Sky Viper is constructed for indoor and outdoor use. The Sky Viper features a foam body and carbon fiber frame that make it lightweight, but still sturdy as it performs stunts with one touch. The 2.4 GHz remote operates the copter with knob that has three different difficulties, so it can be used by flyers ages 12 and up at all skill levels. The rechargeable lithium plymer batter and fast-charging A/C adapter are included.

MechaPede_LR_SkyrocketToysThe Illumivor Mecha-Pede follows on the tail of the Illumivor Mecha-Shark as a glowing, radio-controlled creature. The Mecha-Pede is a mechanized millipede insect that features four independent body segments, 28 animated legs, and blinking LED eyes – all synchronized light effects that mimic the creepy-crawly movements of a real millipede. Kids ages 6 and up as this Mecha-Pede appears to be crawling across the ground. The Mecha-Pede will be available in August.

VMD-MissileStriker_LR_SkyrocketToysSkyrocket’s VMD (or Vehicles of Mass Destruction) are powerful, remote-operated weapons that shoot hard, fast, and far. With track-based control systems for precise steering over any terrain and controllers with arming switches and light-up fire buttons, VMDs are forceful toys that are intended to wow kids ages 8 and up. The Missile Striker is armed with a big foam dart that can shoot more than 65 feet. The Cannon Commando is a gatling cannon that can rapidly fire 16 foam missiles at a rate of one per second more than 30 feet.

Skyrocket Toys will also offer other toys for the holiday season, including Prank Star, a kit filled with new takes on classic pranks, and the Quick Attach Microscope, which works through the camera app on every iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android device to create a 30x magnifying lens.