Playmates.BathTubVehiclesThis year, bathtime and playtime will become one and the same. Kids will no longer take pride in going days without bathing or purposely “forgetting” to wash behind their ears. In fact, judging from all of the amazing bath toys seen at the North American International Toy Fair, I’m betting that kids everywhere will be cleaner than ever and the dreaded bathtime battle between kids and parents will be a thing of the past. So, check out these babies and get ready for them to hit store shelves throughout the year! (Thought you should know, they’re listed in no particular order.)

Musical Duck Race (Yookidoo)

For your own sake I muted the video (otherwise you’d here all of my shrieks, squeals, and clapping), but since you can’t hear it, this battery-operated bath toy plays music (!!) and sends the four colorful ducks dancing so kids can chase, race, and catch them on the fountain or around the tub. Each duck creates a unique water effect and there’s a leaf lever that activates nine random sound effects. Perfect for kids ages 6 to 36 months, this toy creates a magical bath experience for baby.

Bathtub Ball Track Set (Haba)

Bild für die Haba Firmenfamilie

Getting kids ages 3 and up into the tub can be tricky, but the Bathtub Ball Track Set makes it a game. Kids can rearrange the track pieces any way they like, let the ball fall down from the first track, go through the obstacles, and then splash into the tub. The suction cups make for easy attachment and kids can use the ladle to pour water on the tracks for even more water play. When not suctioned to the wall, all six pieces can be used for traditional bath play. (Win!)

BeginAgain Bubble Boat (BeginAgain Toys)


This toy is not only great for bathtub and pool play, but it’s also great for the environment because it’s made from a mix of earth-friendly materials, including a bio-composite plastic and natural maple wood! There are so many ways to play; kids can fill the bottom of the boat with bubble solution or a soapy-water mix and blow bubbles with the included bubble wand; use the boat to tug around the tub; use all of the boats’ pieces and captain figure for water play; or anything else kids can imagine. This toy will be available in the fall, so keep an eye out!

Half Shell Heroes Bath Tub Vehicles (Playmates Toys)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are bringing the fun from the sewers into the bathtub with new vehicles that float in the tub and include different water features. Pictured above is the Fire Boat with Captain Raph (features a squirting fire cannon), and kids can also look for the Dive Boat with Diver Donnie (features a mechanical claw and diving line). Each vehicle comes with an exclusive figure that also works with all Half Shell Heroes figures. Kids and parents can also look out for the all new Half Shell Heroes Bath Tub Squirters, available in Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael in three-packs and single-packs. All of these bath toys are suitable for ages 3 and up and also work well in the pool.

Pour & Spin Submarine (Kid O Toys)

The Yellow Submarine—nostalgic for parents, fun for baby. This bath toy floats, spins, pours, and provides interactive water exploration for kids ages 3 and up. Kids can also take the whole thing apart and play with the pieces individually. Kids can blow through the periscope to create water bubbles; pour water over the wheel and watch it spin; use the two sieves to drain the water or create a rainfall; and easily snap the pieces back together again.

Tubby Table (Tubby Table)

Tubby Table Let's Race
There’s a good chance you already know about Tubby Table’s awesomeness; it’s a table that suctions to the tub, includes a non-slip bath mat, and five colored, shaped, and numbered cups to develop kids’ cognitive and fine motor skills. Well, still the same concept here, but the newest Tubby Table brings it even a step further by offering kids and parents new features that allow them to customize the table to kids’ interests. There’s an area for kids to stack blocks and a racetrack that can be added on the table’s center. The sturdy and safe play surface keeps water and toys inside the tub, so parents don’t have to bring in the mop once bathtime’s over.

Bath Puzzle (Prince Lionheart)

Puzzle Bath OCEAN
Each lightweight, child-safe, foam puzzle piece floats in the tub and adheres to tub surfaces for kids to complete their puzzles on the tub walls or on top of the water’s surface. Each puzzle is vibrantly colored and helps kids identify different animals. The Bath Puzzle is available in Ocean, Dino, Zoo, and Farm. Also from Prince Lionheart, parents will love the bathMAT. This non-traditional-looking bathmat is anti-microbial, which means it keeps away icky germs and it won’t end up slimy no matter how long you keep it stuck to the tub. Kids can arrange and rearrange the mat any which way, while parents can rest assure that kids are safe and secure during bathtime.

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