At this year’s American International Toy Fair, I found that the industry’s trend of creating retro and nostalgic toys is hitting the infant/preschool sector in a big way. Multiple companies were debuting new toy lines that were a throwback to the classics: wooden toys.

Ali.March7Chicco’s new wooden line was particularly impressive. Known for their focus on developmental toys, Chicco created a wooden toy line that revamps the old classics that are familiar to parents. From Stacking Cubes and Sailor Friends, to all sorts of instruments and pull toys, Chicco was debuting a line that gave a modern, sleeker look to toys that are generational favorites. The Animal Cottage Wood Sorter, a classic wooden toy with a modern and colorful look that teaches important skills, was irresistibly adorable.

Along with Chicco, wooden toys were popping up in preschool lines from Beanpatch & Co. and Manhattan Toy. With no more proof needed than the success of Melissa & Doug’s wooden toys, classics tend to evoke memories in parents—ones they can then share with their children while creating new ones. In a world of technology-driven toys, there’s something to be said for the simple, classic nature of a wooden toy line, and the quality ones will stand up against time. These wooden toys not only have a crafted look that increases value, they also teach developmental skills to babies and infants in a simplistic way.

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