By Stephanie Carver, The Orb Factory

Craft kits are often the go-to activity on those blustery rainy days, but that doesn’t mean that when the sun is shining you can’t get crafty.

Get Messy

orb factory1Children love getting messy. Take advantage of sunny days and let them get a little messy outdoors. Set up a table in the backyard and choose anything from exploding science to glitter-filled kits.

Try My First Finger Paint & Frames and let them get their hands dirty–literally.

While it’s messy, finger painting is therapeutic, teaches children how to mix colors, strengthens hand and finger muscles, and contributes to fine motor skill development.  Throw a tarp over the picnic table, get them in an old T-shirt, and let the fun begin.

Get Active

Active play and craft kits don’t often go hand in hand. From making your own bouncy ball to homemade bubble wands, there are several new kits on the market right now that actually encourage outdoor active play.

Make Your Own Glitter Chalk has children designing their very own sparkling sidewalk chalk. Mix plaster, color, and paint into molds. Once dry, it’s time to get outside and make pictures.

Look for Glitter Chalk and other crafts kits that combine creativity and active lifestyle at your local toy store.

orb factory2

Get Creative

Don’t have a craft kit on hand? No problem! There are a ton of crafts that children can do using materials found outdoors. Collect leaves and flowers and press them in a book between wax paper. Build a statue out of rocks and branches, make a wreath or table centerpiece with bits of nature, or make a bird feeder out of a pinecone.

With a little guidance, they’ll have a blast exploring the world around them and using their imaginations to create crafts in no time.