Crayola teamed with Bulu Group for the Crayola CIY Box, a new monthly subscription service.

CIY stands for “create-it-yourself,” an initiative that Crayola showcases heavily on its official site. Each Crayola CIY Box includes supplies and instructions for two craft projects, plus one bonus craft challenge. Treats, deals, or surprises will also be found in each box, with an eye toward creating Instagram-worthy works of art.

Crayola products are paired with additional craft supplies and an instruction booklet. Crafters are expected to have basic supplies, such as scissors or other common items.

Crayola notes that each instruction booklet will include a list of items that crafting enthusiasts will need to provide, such as “a workspace, disposable or washable dishes/cups/containers, a place to clean/wash up, utensils for mixing, an X-ACTO knife, extra glue, or an iron and ironing surface.”

Subscriptions are available in three-, six-, and 12-month packages, or month to month at a slightly higher price.