Crayola Imagine Arts Academy is entering a Wild World.

Launched this week in celebration of World Wildlife Day, Wild World is a new after-school program and camp designed for kids ages 5-12. Wild World uses Crayola art supplies and materials to teach kids about various animal species and the conservationists and organizations who work tirelessly to protect them from extinction. Eight class themes include Elephant Silhouettes, Speckled Frogs, Polar Bear Models, Coiled Turtles, Lion Sculptures, Dancing Jellyfish, Watercolor Sharks and Fish, and Slithering Snakes.

“We challenge kids to use their ingenuity in new ways, which helps foster the development of important life skills,” says Warren Schorr, vice president of business development and global licensing at Crayola.

Wild World is just one of the programs that Crayola Imagine Arts Academy offers in week-long full or half-day camps, or eight-week after-school programs. Other programs include Artist’s Passport and World of Design.

Locations are offered in select regions throughout North America.