iMatCreative Baby Inc. has introduced the iMat: My Animal World on its website. The  product is the first in a series of themed interactive foam mats. The colorful play land is made of four interlocking soft sections that are activated when used with its Voice Pen. Babies and older siblings learn while exploring the illustrated mat with a simple point on the “word bubble.” They’re instantly rewarded with an animal sound, a word, music, or a foreign language translation. Newborn babies can enjoy the mat without the pen—the mat is phthalate-, lead-, and heavy metal-free, and no electronics means the mat can be wiped clean.

The i-Mat’s secret is the 2 GB memory of the Voice Pen. Sold as a set, the foamy pad and pen are available for pre-order with a limited time free shipping offer. Two more themed adventures, i-Mat My Alphabet and i-Mat Under The Sea, are planned for this fall. As new pads are introduced, parents can connect the Voice Pen to any computer with internet access (with the included USB cable), download the new sound file from Creative Baby’s website to the i-Mat Voice Pen, and explore new i-Mat adventures.

Mom and Dad can begin teaching their child English, Spanish, and Chinese by simply touching the pen to the image. Beyond learning a new language, the i-Mat grows intellectually with babies. When the child is old enough to hold the pen without help, the brain cells get a workout as learning games on the mat become more and more challenging. For tots ages 3 to 6, there’s advanced programs for the Voice Pen, such as interactive talking flash cards, posters, wall decals, stickers, books, and more.

CreativeBaby_i-Mat_HRi-Mat Set (Pad & Voice Pen) My Animal World 

This soft play mat is ideal for nap and meal times. Featuring a full color illustration of animals from around the world, the i-Mat serves as a visual play land with dozens of animals toddlers or their older siblings can’t resist. Animal name clouds stimulate the visual connection of the words with corresponding images and animal names.

Voice Pen 

CreativeBaby_Voice Pen Front_HRThis tool is sold separately for families or preschools that wish to allow several children to play with more than one Voice Pen at a time on the same mat. This upgradeable “pen” is what brings the i-Mat to life. By touching the pen to the i-Mat, the objects on the foam floor mat “talk” and play songs. As new i-Mat themes are introduced, parents can simply connect the Voice Pen to any computer (with the USB cable provided) and download the newest sound file from the Creative Baby website to the i-Mat Voice Pen. A special bonus is the voice recorder is ready to capture first words, giggles, and beginner foreign language expressions.